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Date: Friday, November 28, 2014
US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs
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The United States will arm Israel, a key ally in the Middle East, with 3,000 smart bombs as part of Washington’s military aid to Tel Aviv.

The Department of Defense announced that the funding for the sale will come from the military package and will be paid until the end of November 2016.

The United States provides Israel with some $8.5 million in military aid per day.

The cost of the deal is estimated at $82 million, through which the Israeli Air Force will receive thousands of G-DAM model bombs.

The US military aid to Israel has prompted several demonstrations across the country against such deals.

American protesters argue that the US taxpayer money is used for more Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

The Israeli Air Force used smart bomb in its latest war on the Gaza Strip.

The besieged strip has witnessed three destructive wars since 2008.

During the latest offensive this summer, more than 2,140 Palestinians, including over 570 children, were killed and at least 11,000 others were injured.

Tens of Israelis were also killed in the war.

The Israeli attacks destroyed thousands of buildings, including the only power plant of the territory, and hit at least 223 schools in Gaza, including the UN-run schools, according to the UN.

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