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Iran to begin producing cars in Oman in 2017
A joint venture to manufacture cars in the Persian Gulf sultanate of Oman by Iran will begin in a year, an Iranian official has said.
Monday, March 28, 2016
Iran says regained lost oil market share
Iran says it has already been able to regain the share of the oil market that it had lost as a result of multiple years of draconian sanctions.
Friday, March 18, 2016
SWIFT open to four more Iranian banks
Iran’s media reported on Thursday that four more of the country’s banks have been reconnected to SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services.
Thursday, March 17, 2016
Oman signs key port deal with Iran
Oman's top port Salalah has signed a basic agreement with two key Iranian southern trade terminals in what is expected to make the Persian Gulf state Iran’s new biggest trade partner in the region, replacing the United Arab Emirates.
Wednesday, March 09, 2016
Iran exports 32 tons of heavy water to US
Iran on Tuesday announced that it had exported 32 tons of heavy water to the United States in what could be a landmark progress in the commercialization of the country’s nuclear energy program.
Wednesday, March 09, 2016
‘Iran unable to get oil dues from India’
Iran on Tuesday indicated frustration with India’s failure to settle debts remaining from previous purchases of oil from Tehran.
Wednesday, March 09, 2016
UAE oil minister says output freeze already in place
The United Arab Emirates says it has already put in gear a plan agreed to by a number of major oil producing countries to freeze their output level in order to reduce global market glut.
Monday, March 07, 2016
China irate as US targets Iran trade
China is outraged as the US government plans to punish its largest telecom equipment maker ZTE Corps for alleged violations of sanctions on Iran.
Monday, March 07, 2016
Iran warns cautious European banks
Several Iranian officials have warned European banks that they might miss out on opportunities provided by the lifting of sanctions if they continue to dawdle on returning to the country.
Sunday, March 06, 2016
Russia energy minister plans Iran visit for trade cooperation
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak plans to visit Iran in the near future to discuss ways to boost trade cooperation in joint projects, particularly in fuel production plants.
Friday, March 04, 2016
JCB Credit Cards to Debut in Iran
Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Iran sees new oil deals of up to $15 billion
Iran is expecting to sign $10-15 billion of oil deals within a year under a new contract model which is undergoing modifications, head of the top state oil company NIOC says.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Azerbaijan’s SOCAR reviving Iran deals
Azerbaijan’s state oil firm SOCAR says it is looking to revive trade with Iran as the two neighbors are strengthening relations after the lifting of sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Iran confirms order for 50 Embraer planes
Iran on Tuesday confirmed that it has ordered 50 planes from Brazil's Embraer, the world's third biggest commercial aircraft manufacturer.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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