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Iran rings in new school year with call for respect, moderation
Iran has rung in the new school year, with President Hassan Rouhani calling for moderation, respect and banishment of violence to form the centerpiece of education.
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Iran committed to oil market stability: OPEC
The OPEC chief says Iran is committed to building consensus among crude producers on stabilizing the oil market which is faced with a massive supply glut.
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
IAEA confirms Iran’s commitment to obligations under JCPOA
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has once again confirmed Iran’s commitment to a landmark nuclear agreement Tehran signed with the six world powers last year.
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
West threats may put JCPOA in jeopardy: Iran’s nuclear chief
The top Iranian nuclear official says the West is still failing to honor its commitments under last year’s nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers, warning that the violations could throw the deal into jeopardy.
Monday, September 19, 2016
NAM states must reinforce unity for common interests: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stressed the importance of fostering unity among the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member states to serve their common interests.
Monday, September 19, 2016
US complicit in creating chaos in, around Syria: Analyst
Press TV has talked to Scott Rickard, a political analyst and former American intelligence linguist from Tampa, about a US-led airstrike in the city of Dayr al-Zawr that hit Syrian military troops, killing scores of them, instead of targeting Daesh terrorists.
Monday, September 19, 2016
IAEA already in posession of data on centrifuges under JCPOA : Iran
Iran says it has already provided the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with the data on the specifications of its centrifuges and rotor tubes as agreed under last year’s nuclear deal, rejecting reported new demands for such information.
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Oil meet must ensure all sides’ interests: Iran
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has called for close cooperation among oil producers to help an upcoming OPEC meeting in Algeria achieve its express aim of stabilizing the market.
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Iran’s largest aviation event opens
Airline companies from around the world are attending a major conference in Tehran, scoping out what many believe is set to be a promising market.
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Iran's sitting volleyball team cruises into Rio 2016 Paralympics final
Iran's sitting volleyball players have managed to book a place in the final fixture of the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, following a sweeping victory over the hosts.
Saturday, September 17, 2016
Iranian athletes collect four more medals in Rio 2016 Paralympics
Iranian sportsmen have collected four medals, including two golds, at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
‘China may build Iran’s 4th nuclear plant’
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says European and Chinese companies are interested in the country’s nuclear power generation plans.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Iran threatened to shoot down US military planes, US official claims
Iran threatened to shoot down US Navy EP-3 and P-8 aircraft over the weekend as they were flying in the northern Persian Gulf, a US military official has claimed.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Iran concludes ‘historic’ border pact with Oman
Iran says it had concluded a “historic” accord with Oman that demarcates the Islamic Republic’s maritime border with the fellow Persian Gulf littoral state.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
‘She is doing fine,’ Bill Clinton chimes in on Hillary’s health
Former US President Bill Clinton has dismissed mounting health rumors about his wife and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, saying she is “doing fine” despite being diagnosed with pneumonia.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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