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Russia will protect its assets if US strikes Syrian bases: Lavrov

Russia says it will safeguard "its assets" in Syria if the United States plans to bombard the military airfields of the Syrian government.

Russia urges global support for Syria in fight against Daesh

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow will continue arming the Syrian government in its fight against the Takfiri Daesh terrorists, urging other countries to take a similar measure and help Damascus in the battle.

Assad ouster precondition unacceptable: Russia's Lavrov

Russian officials have on numerous occasions underscored that Moscow does not support Assad personally, but rather backs him as "the legitimately elected president" of Syria.

Attempts to isolate Moscow of no avail: Russia FM

The Russian foreign minister says any attempt to isolate Moscow from the international community will undoubtedly fail.

Lavrov: end dual approach to terrorism

He emphasized conflicts between Israel and Palestine should not be forgotten.

Iran and Russia agreement on bypassing sanctions

A regional media reported recent agreements between Iranian and Russian officials on bypassing outrageous Western sanctions on the two countries.

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