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Israeli spy drone downed + photos

The Israeli UAV downed in south of Lebanon near Palestine borders.

Israel claimed shot downed drone in Golan Heights was Iranian

The aircraft hit with a Patriot missile on Sunday was a “Yasir” model UAV, Israeli officials say

Israel claimed shooting a Syrian UAV down in Golan

Still no further information or images on the incident

Re-Onslaught on west bank on the pretext of finding the responsible of 3 Israeli’s abduction

Israel raided west bank again and arrested 5 including 2 children.

Israeli UAV was tracked the moment it entered Iran and we let it enter deeper to detect its destination.

IRGC deputy said: Israeli aggressive drone was tracked while entering Iran and contained to continue its way for we can understand its intention and to shoot it in the proper position.

Jordanian sources: Saudis aided Israeli drone launch on Iran

World Net Daily agency quoted from Jordanian sources, Saudi Arabia assisted Israel in flying the drone, on Monday.

Israeli UAV hunt down by Iranian revolutionary guard reflect in foreign Medias

If confirmed, the shot downed UAV is known as Heron TP used for long-range missions. Military commanders in Israel have described both as a possible means of monitoring Iran and other countries.

LBC: al-Qassam brigades hunt down an Israeli UAV

The Lebanese broadcasting corporation announced that al-Qassam downed an Israeli drone.

Gen. Hajizadeh announced: Downed Israeli UAV is Hermes type with the operative range of 800 km

Revolutionary Guard aerospace commander said: the shot downed UAV is made in Israel of type Hermes.

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