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Persian Gulf Arab states favorites of Daesh: Iraqi PM

Iraq’s prime minister, whose country is engaged in a costly war with the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group, has implied that a number of Arab governments in the Persian Gulf region have been aiding and abetting the terror outfit.

UK warship to join US fleet in Persian Gulf

Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring is slated to join a fleet of US warships stationed in the Persian Gulf, UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon says.

Saudi Iran plot: More of a self-harm

Saudi Arabia is reportedly pressuring allies in the Persian Gulf to cut trade links with Iran but many observers believe the effort is unlikely to have an impact on the overall business relationship.

New Delhi seeks to run operations of Iranian oil field

A new report says India’s largest oil company seeks to operate an Iranian oil field in the Persian Gulf.

Seize US ships in Persian Gulf: Kayhan

A leading Iranian daily has suggested the country intercept US cargo ships in the Persian Gulf in response to the American "looting" of Iran's frozen assets.

IRGC move in Persian Gulf shows Iran might: MP

A senior Iranian lawmaker says the recent capture of US Navy troops for trespassing indicated that the security of the Persian Gulf is under the control of the Islamic Republic.

IRGC fired rockets near US warship in Hormuz Strait: US officials

US officials claim that Iran has fired several rockets near an American aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

Iran to tender oil job as bans removal looms

Iran said on Friday that it plans to hold a major international tender for a drilling job in an oil field in the Persian Gulf waters.

Koreans, Indians plan to raise Iran imports

South Korea is counting on an imminent annulment of sanctions on Iran to diversify its oil suppliers, which will become possible with more supplies to the major Asian consumer.

Report: Iran poised to hit new oil reserves

Iran is poised to hit a new oil gusher in an offshore field which the country shares with the UAE in the Persian Gulf, an official says.

The Triple Iranian Islands are the Integral parts of Iran

The triple Iranian islands the integral parts of Iran and called the raiders of Emirati Foreign Minister a kind of meddling In Iranian affairs and wanted the UAE officials t solve the misunderstandings through bilateral dialogues.

Chinese Naval fleet docked at Iranian port *

A warship and a destroyer of Chinese 17th escort fleet visited Bandar Abbas to conduct military training with Iranian Navy fleet in Persian Gulf.

Saudi officials secretly visited Qatar; dispute remains

Senior Saudi officials on this few hours trip met with the Emir of Qatar, however Saudi and Qatari Medias didn’t refer to the topics.

US military boat fired at Iranian fishing boat

Iranian boat’s action was hostile in firing 50-caliber machine guns at an American patrol boat in the Persian Gulf

Opposition Party Calls Manama’s Policy to Change Social Fabric "Disastrous"

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Bahrain’s main opposition group said Manama still continues “disastrous” policy of granting citizenship to foreign nationals, saying the policy will affect social fabric in the tiny Persian Gulf island state.

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