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Clinton leading Trump by 10 points: Poll

A new poll shows US Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is leading her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, by 10 points in the run-up to the US 216 presidential vote.

Trump calls on Clinton to release detailed medical records

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has called on his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, to release "detailed medical records,” adding he would have "no problem" issuing his own medical report.

Democratic Senator Warren calls Trump 'lousy businessman'

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has intensified her attacks against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling him “a lousy businessman.”

Trump’s campaign no match for Clinton’s in terms of finance

US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s campaign is far smaller than that of the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in terms of finance and infrastructure, a new report says.

Clinton set to negotiate with Sanders 'when he's ready'

US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton says she will negotiate with rival Bernie Sanders "when he’s ready to talk."

US Democratic presidential hopefuls come to blows in Florida

US Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have clashed on a number of issues during their latest debate in Miami, Florida.

Iowa's Des Moines Register endorses Clinton, Rubio

The largest newspaper in the US state of Iowa has endorsed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio for presidential nominations, days before the Iowa caucuses on February 1.

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