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Clinton leading Trump by 10 points: Poll

A new poll shows US Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is leading her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, by 10 points in the run-up to the US 216 presidential vote.

Gabon opposition candidate claims victory in presidential vote

Jean Ping, Gabon’s main opposition presidential candidate, says he has won the elections despite similar claims by the rival camp led by incumbent Omar Bongo.

Clinton set to negotiate with Sanders 'when he's ready'

US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton says she will negotiate with rival Bernie Sanders "when he’s ready to talk."

US Democratic presidential hopefuls urge Michigan governor to resign

US Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have called on Michigan’s Republican governor to step down over a water issue in the city of Flint.

Republican Party needs to allow 'dissent,' Rand Paul says

US presidential hopeful Rand Paul says the Republican Party has banned him but he refuses to be silenced and that the party needs to allow "dissent" and a "diversity of opinion."

Trump sticks to guns on anti-Muslim restriction

Leading US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has reiterated his anti-Muslim stance despite facing criticism at home and abroad.

Obama won’t endorse any presidential candidate: White House

US President Barack Obama will not publicly endorse a Democratic presidential candidate before the 2016 primary election, says the White House.

Trump: Iran going to be unbelievably rich, powerful nation

Front-runner Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump says Iran is going to become an unbelievably rich and powerful nation because of the last month’s nuclear agreement in Vienna.

Turkey Votes in First Direct Presidential Poll

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A year after the Gezi Park protests and a corruption scandal that exposed the fault-lines in Turkish politics, current PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the frontrunner in Sunday’s presidential election, the first by a popular vote.

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