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US, Israel directly implicated over Saudi carnage in Yemen: IRGC

A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has denounced a deadly Saudi airstrike on a funeral ceremony in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, saying the United States and the Israeli regime are directly liable for the crime.

Israeli regime not really probing Gaza war: Rights group

An Israeli rights group says the Tel Aviv regime is only pretending to be probing military misconduct during the 2014 Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Clashes erupt as Israeli settlers desecrate Joseph Tomb in West Bank

Palestinians have clashed with Israeli troops after settlers stormed Joseph’s Tomb on the outskirts of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, desecrating the site venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

US blasts Israeli settlement activities in Palestinian lands

The United States has blasted Israel over its illegal settlement activities in the Palestinian occupied territories, calling the settlements an obstacle to a two-state solution.

Israel should ratify nuclear test ban treaty in 5 years: UN

A senior UN official says Israel, which is widely believed to possess hundreds of atomic bombs, should ratify the nuclear test ban treaty within five years.

Israeli tanks enter Gaza Strip, fire live rounds at Palestinian farmers

Palestinian sources say several Israeli battle tanks, escorting bulldozers, have entered the central part of the besieged Gaza Strip, and fired a number of shots at Palestinians gathering to stop the ravaging of farms.

Israeli forces fire tear gas at Palestinians watching football match

Dozens of Palestinian football players and soccer fans have suffered tear gas inhalation after Israeli forces raided a stadium northeast of Jerusalem al-Quds on Friday.

Israeli UAV downed in Iraq

Security source announced: the aircraft is again a Hermes-type drone and most likely it is controlled from Israel and was downed some days ago.

Israeli UAV was tracked the moment it entered Iran and we let it enter deeper to detect its destination.

IRGC deputy said: Israeli aggressive drone was tracked while entering Iran and contained to continue its way for we can understand its intention and to shoot it in the proper position.

Reflection of bringing an Israeli UAV down in Arab medias

Iran proved it to Israel that its military power is able to face this kind of efforts and can neutralize acts of espionage.

Israeli UAV hunt down by Iranian revolutionary guard reflect in foreign Medias

If confirmed, the shot downed UAV is known as Heron TP used for long-range missions. Military commanders in Israel have described both as a possible means of monitoring Iran and other countries.

LBC: al-Qassam brigades hunt down an Israeli UAV

The Lebanese broadcasting corporation announced that al-Qassam downed an Israeli drone.

Gen. Hajizadeh announced: Downed Israeli UAV is Hermes type with the operative range of 800 km

Revolutionary Guard aerospace commander said: the shot downed UAV is made in Israel of type Hermes.

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