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Hamas won’t ‘sit idly by’ as Israel continues to strike Gaza

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned Israel of “military escalation” in the Gaza Strip after Tel Aviv conducted a series of airstrikes on the besieged enclave.

Hamas dismisses court ruling delaying Palestine local polls

The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has dismissed a ruling by a West Bank court postponing next month’s municipal elections, amid divisions between the Gaza-based group and rival Fatah Party in Ramallah.

Resistance power has turned offensive tactics of Israel to defensive tactics

The spokesman to Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement in response to Israeli Prime Minister remarks said: Israel was forced to adopt defensive tactics due to successful performance of Resistance.

Negotiations on forming national reconciliation government will resume

A senior member of Fatah movement: negotiations for the formation of a Palestinian national unity government will resume between Fatah and Hamas from Wednesday.

Qatar decided to expel Khaled Mashal

Israeli channel claimed that Doha decided to drive out Khaled Mashal “The head of the political bureau of Hamas” from Qatar.

“We never directly negotiate with Israel”. Ismail Haniyeh said

Deputy Chairman of Hamas political bureau said: weapons of Hamas are not interchangeable with Gaza reconstruction and it remains until freedom of Palestine.

The increasing popularity of "Hamas" after Gaza war

Half of participants in the poll believe that Hamas’s Ideology namely resistance can liberate Palestine from Israel.

Qatar colluding with the West in spying on Iran

An American agency claimed Qatar is cooperating with the U.S for spying on Iran

Hamas: dismissal of Israeli commander in Gaza indicates Tel Aviv’s failure in third war

Following the change of command in Israeli brigades in Gaza, Hamas presumed it as a sign of defeat for Israel.

America welcomes Iran’s military forces in Iraq

American officials adopted less invasive Critical stances against Iran’s military activities, supporting Iraqi government and Iranian forces inside Iraq. Tehran and Washington are closely cooperating in Iraq to defeat Islamic State.

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