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Nigeria's Islamic Movement pledges to challenge ban through 'legal' channels

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has vowed to challenge a state ban declaring the group's activity as unlawful.

Nigeria army detains suspected Avengers militants

Nigeria’s army says it has arrested militants suspected of working with Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), including their leader, for conducting sabotage activities against the country’s oil and gas facilities.

49,000 Nigerian children may die due to malnutrition: UNICEF

The UN children’s fund (UNICEF) says some 49,000 Nigerian children could die of malnutrition in the country’s troubled northeast this year if they are not provided with humanitarian aid.

Delta Avengers announce ceasefire with Nigeria

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), known for its attacks on Nigeria’s oil installations, has announced a ceasefire, saying it will support the notion of holding talks with the government in Abuja.

Daesh ‘appoints new leader for Nigeria-based Boko Haram’

The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group has purportedly appointed a new leader for its Nigeria-based affiliate, Boko Haram.

Iran denounces deadly bombings at local mosque in Nigeria

Iran has condemned two terrorist bombings at a local mosque in northern Nigeria, which claimed the lives of nearly two dozen people.

Positive Iran oil moves raise OPEC alarms

Only hours after news emerged that Iran has shipped its first oil cargo to Europe in multiple years as well as an announcement by Tehran that it has made a major rise in its oil production, indications emerged that key OPEC producers have become worried over the already deteriorating conditions in the oil market.

Iranian University Students Condemn Massacre of Hundreds by Nigerian Army

The representatives of 30 Iranian universities in a protest gathering in front of the UN office in Tehran on Sunday condemned the mass killing of the Shiite Muslims in Nigeria, and called on the world body to pursue bringing perpetrators of the crimes to justice.

Iran Urges Islamic States' Serious Reaction to Massacre of Muslims in Nigeria

Iranian Culture Minister Ali Jannati condemned the mass-killing of Muslims by the Nigerian army, and called on the global community, specially the Islamic states, to show serious reaction to stop such crimes.

Iran calls for probe into Nigeria Shia killings

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has called for the establishment of a fact-finding committee in Nigeria to investigate the recent military crackdown on Shia Muslim community in the African country.

Iran urges justice for perpetrators of recent Nigeria Muslim killings

A senior Iranian official has called on the Nigerian government to bring to justice those involved in the military’s bloody crackdown on the Shia Muslim community in the African country.

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