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US policies root cause of worldwide terrorism: Journalist

Press TV has interviewed Paul Street, an author, journalist and political commentator from Iowa City, about the potential link between the Daesh terrorist group and Saturday’s stabbing spree at a mall in Minnesota.

Terrorists using Syria truce to regroup: Russia's Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Takfiri terrorists operating in Syria of abusing a recently implemented ceasefire in the crisis-hit Middle Eastern country to regroup.

Terrorist attack 'highly likely' in UK: Intelligence agencies

British security services have warned that a terrorist attack in the country is "highly likely” following attacks in other parts of Europe.

Iran raps terrorist bomb blast in Iraq’s Karbala

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has denounced the Tuesday deadly car bombing in Iraq's holy city of Karbala as a terrorist act.

Iran dismantles more 20 terrorist groups in one year

Iran dismantled more than 20 terrorist groups that had planned to detonate bombs and cause insecurity across the country during the last Iranian calendar year (ended on March 19), Iran’s intelligence minister says.

Iran condemns terrorist blast in Kabul, urges firm anti-terror fight

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has condemned a terrorist bomb blast in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul that left tens of people dead.

Iran’s Rouhani censures terrorist attack in Pakistan

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has condemned the bloody terrorist attack in the northeastern Pakistani city of Lahore, which killed scores of people, mostly women and children.

Iran smashes terrorist cell in south

Iranian security forces have disbanded a terrorist group which was planning to carry out acts of sabotage in the country.

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