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Mainstream American media trying to rig election: Trump

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has cast doubt over the validity of the result of the November election.

7 injured on American Airlines flight to Italy

At least seven people have been injured over flight turbulence on an American Airlines plane from Miami to Milan.

Foreign units of US companies can trade with Iran: US Treasury

Foreign subsidiaries of American companies are now allowed to trade with Iran following the removal of US economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic, says the US Treasury Department.

US special forces to advance 'balkanization of Iraq and Syria'

The arrival of 200 American special operations troops in Iraq is a prelude to the return of a robust US military presence in the Middle East, as part of broader efforts to advance the "balkanization of Iraq and Syria," says an American analyst.

Israel controls US politicians, media: Journalist

Israel controls American politicians and media through its powerful lobby in Washington, enabling it to change the political dynamics in favor of the regime in Tel Aviv, says a journalist in New York.

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Message of Ayatollah Khamenei Leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran to The Youth in Europe and North America

American youths react to Ayat. Khamenei’s second letter

Reactions keep pouring from around the globe to the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution’s second letter to the Western youth in which Ayatollah Khamenei sharply criticized the West’s double standards in connection with terrorism. Press TV’s Colin Campbell has spoken to several young US citizens about their take on the contents of the letter. Colin Campbell ​Press TV, Washington

‘We’re all pro-Israel,’ US president says

US President Barack Obama has once again expressed full American support for Israel, saying everybody should know that “we’re all pro-Israel.”

Obama’s disapproval rating on the rise: Poll

US President Barack Obama’s disapproval rating is on the rise amid a sense among Americans that his foreign and domestic policies are leading the country in the wrong direction, according to a new poll.

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