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Syrian jets pound positions of terrorists in Idlib, Hama, Homs

Syrian fighter jets have pounded positions of foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists in the three provinces of Idlib, Hama and Homs.

US urges Syrian opposition to abide by ceasefire: Analyst

Press TV has conducted an interview with Naseer al-Omari, a writer and political commentator from New York, to get his take on the week-long ceasefire agreement in Syria.

Britain’s Johnson out of touch with reality: Syria

Syria says the UK is detached from realities after the British foreign minister backed a proposal by President Bashar al-Assad's opponents calling on him to step down.

Syria forces, allies retake key district of Aleppo from militants

Syrian army forces and allied fighters have regained control of a key district in Aleppo as efforts continue to purge the flashpoint northern city of Takfiri militants.

Iran, Russia diplomats discuss Syria, other regional issues

High-ranking Iranian and Russian diplomats have exchanged viewpoints about the latest developments in the Middle East region and explored avenues for the resolution of the Syrian crisis.

Syria conflict: Rebels leave Homs under truce

Syrian rebels have begun evacuating the last district they control in the city of Homs under a ceasefire deal reached with the government.

Any military action in Syrian territory would face Damascus response

Secretary General of Syrian people's will party emphasized that America should be aware of consequences of any military action on any Takfiri group in Syria which would cause in the response of Damascus.

Hundreds of Syrians terrorists surrendered

National Reconciliation Committee's efforts cleared Terrorist groups from Rural Areas of Damascus

Syria vows commitment to chem. weapons destruction

Syria has vowed commitment to the destruction of its chemical weapons despite difficulties caused by the conflict in the country.

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